STORY 2019

Your STory + God's Story

28 April - 5 May - 12 May

What's your story?
Is it all you hoped for?

STORY 2019 invites you to come and ask questions of life, faith and meaning, and to hear afresh the story of Jesus which has transformed the lives of thousands of people in the Mountains.

At 10am on Sundays. Featuring casual vibes, great barista coffee, cafe-style snacks, live music, personal stories from people at Central Villages, and a talk from the Bible about Jesus.

Week ONE - 28 April


Life isn't always fair. Things go wrong, sometimes horribly. And in those moments, we often wonder what God is doing, and if he cares at all.


At this STORY we will be hearing the story of Mark and Lisa, who have faced the awfulness of losing a child, and are currently going through cancer treatment.


Week TWO - 5 MAY


We often buy into the idea that you can't be both a rational person AND a Christian - that you have to choose one or the other. That way of thinking makes it awfully hard for those of us who value scientific enquiry, and the knowledge and insight it brings us.


At this STORY we will be hearing the stories of Dan and Daniel, both of who have wrestled with their own doubts and questions, and who have come out the other side being rational AND Christian.


Week THREE - 12 MAY


Modern life is busy, noisy, and complicated. Trying to be a good family member, a good neighbour, a good employee and a good citizen often seems like a pipe dream. Throw following Jesus into the mix and it all feels impossibly stressful.


At this STORY we will be hearing the story of Maureen, whose has managed to stay sane and stay Christian even with having to go through many difficult and stressful periods in life.


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